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Decorative LIne
In our fiber department, you"Il find a sampling of beautiful handwovens and textile art pieces that we've become famous for. In fact, our very name speaks to handwovens - "Flying Shuttle" refers to weaving with passion and beauty.
Each artist creates wearables that are unique, timeless and of the highest quality in design and craftsmanship available. These photos provide you with a cross- section of what we have to offer.
We are happy to guide you in various styling, sizing and color palates available beyond what you may see here. Many of our artists' work is available through off-the-rack or special order, while other pieces are definitely one-of-a-kind. We invite your inquiries to help with your wardrobe needs.
Joyce Wilkerson - jacket Poppy Jacket Susan Neal - scarf Pat Palson - jacket
Joyce Wilkerson Poppy Jacket Susan Neal Pat Palson
Carter Smith - dress Laura Hunter - scarf Lynn Yarrington - jacket Britt Rynearson - jacket
Carter Smith Laura Hunter Lynn Yarrington Britt Rynearson
The Perfect Marriage Between Fiber and Metal
Decorative Line

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